Exceptional Stones, Inspired Designs, Quality Craftsmanship


My jewelry starts with exceptional hand-cut and polished genuine stones from the most talented and reputable independent lapidary artists in the country.  I choose the stones I work with carefully based on their natural beauty, quality, and unique patterns and colors.  Some of my pieces feature stones I have cut and polished from rough rock specimens in my studio.  Rare stones, including those that come from mines that have long been closed, are of particular interest to me.  You will also find dinosaur bone, fossilized ancient sea life, and rare varieties of petrified wood in my work.

Using these outstanding stones as inspiration, I design to celebrate their unique characteristics.  My goal as a designer is to compliment but not overpower the stones in my work, and to create something beautiful, comfortable, and made to last for years to come!  It is my belief that Nature is the ultimate artist, and my job is to create a custom, wearable frame worthy of her artwork. 

Traditionally trained as a fine jeweler, I specialized in creating custom engagement rings, diamond setting, and jewelry repair for 7 years before opening my own jewelry studio.  I bring those same fine jewelry techniques and high level of quality to my silver work.  All of my pieces that feature stones are one-of-a-kind and hand-fabricated from heavy sheets of silver and silver wire.  It is labor intensive work, often taking many hours or days to complete a single jewelry piece, but it is work I love.  

My hope is that you are able to see the passion, creativity, and expertise in my work, and should you decide to invest in one of my pieces, that it will bring you pride and joy for years to come!