Gallery of Recent Work

"War Horse"

My “War Horse” Necklaces are my best seller.  I think that’s because their meaning resonates with a lot of people.

“War Horse” is a symbol of strength and resiliency, and serves as a reminder to embrace your scars and love yourself just as you are.

“War Horse” is an original design that was drawn by hand. Each of the 3 layers is sawed out from sheets of Sterling Silver and then soldered together to create a 3D effect. Next, the “War Horse” is distressed through a combination of fusing silver shavings to its surface, superheating the silver to create “bubbles”, and hammering saw blades, coiled wire, and wire mesh into the silver. A hidden bail is added to the back so it can be worn as a necklace and then the pendant is placed into a Liver of Sulfur solution to antique the silver. Careful removal of the antiquing creates contrast, enhancing the “scars” and completing the distressed look. A leather necklace with an adjustable sliding knot clasp completes the “War Horse”.

While each “War Horse” starts out with the same pattern, they all come out a bit different due to the distressing process. Similar to the way we all have unique journeys, challenges, and trials to overcome that shape us into the people we are.

**The “War Horse” design is also available as a bracelet or ring and can be customized by adding a stone.**

"KISS" Rings

Another one of my best sellers is my “KISS” (Keep It Simple Stupid) and “KISSed with Gold” style rings.

The “KISS” ring is a split shank ring with a heavy bezel around the stone.  For the “KISSed with Gold” rings I add gold bead accents to the band.  While similar in style, these rings are all unique because they feature one-of-a-kind stones.

A clean and classic design paired with high quality hand-fabricated construction make the “KISS” and “KISSed with Gold” rings perfect for every day wear! 


"Flare (For the Dramatic)" Rings

Drama, Drama, Drama! 

 This style is big and bold!

 Designed with a heavy bezel around the stone and a quad band that flares at the top, these rings are hand-fabricated from thick silver sheet and wire.

 They are made to last and are sure to be noticed!

"Ripple" rings and Cuffs

I call this style “Ripple” due to the wavy texture of the ring bands and cuff bracelets.  

While similar in style, these pieces are all one-of-a-kind due to their unique stones.

These gorgeous rings and cuffs are substantial and hand-fabricated from thick silver sheet and wire to be pieces you can love and enjoy for years to come!

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