Custom and Commissioned Pieces

Custom Horse Jewelry

Creating meaningful custom pieces is something I love to do! 

Each of my custom horse portrait pieces start with a hand-drawn paper pattern based on a picture provided by my customer.  After the pattern is approved, I saw out each layer from a sheet of Sterling Silver.  Next the layers are carefully soldered together to create a 3D affect.  The piece is antiqued to bring out the details and then given either a brushed or high polish fine jewelry finish.  

Interested in having me make a piece of jewelry featuring your horse? 

 Give me a call or email me to learn more about my process, pricing, and availability!

Custom Pet Portrait Jewelry

I enjoy making custom pet portrait jewelry too!  

This piece was created in memory of a beloved schnauzer, “Schneider Man”.

Csarite Pendant in 14K Yellow Gold and Silver with Cranberry Epidote Inlay and Black Spinel Accents

A Showstopper!

My client asked me to create a showstopper necklace for the beautiful Csarite stone she had purchased. 

I chose a dramatic shape for this pendant full of movement and energy and stones that would compliment but not overpower her Csarite.  Creating this piece allowed me to combine hand-fabrication, wax carving, stone cutting, inlay, and setting faceted and fancy shaped stones. 

I loved making this special necklace and I hope my customer will enjoy wearing it for years to come!

Charoite Inlay Cuff

Worth the Wait!

The rough Charoite material that was used to create this special custom inlay cuff was purchased by my client while visiting Russia with her sister back in 2005.  She had been holding onto the material since then waiting to find an artist to bring her vision to life.  I feel so honored to have been chosen! The silver cuff was hand-fabricated from silver sheet and wire before the stones were cut, installed, ground flush to the cuff, and polished to a high shine.   

Bear Claw Turquoise Ring

Making a Statement!

This custom ring featuring a stunning Spiderweb Kingman Turquoise was a collaborative project with friend and wax carving artist, Amy C. Scott.

"Family Stone" Bracelet

A Very Special Project.

A husband and wife visited my studio and wanted me to create a statement bracelet for her with stones to represent each member of her family. We looked though my rough rock and slabs of stone and she picked out Maligano Jasper for one son, Blue Pietersite for another, Mookaite for herself, and her husband chose Gary Green Bog Wood. We decided to combine the Mookaite and Gary Green into one center stone with a strip of silver between them. She explained that she was hard on her jewelry and needed a very sturdy bracelet. We decided I would use 20G silver sheet to fabricate the settings for the stones and a thick, wavy silver wire to make up the center of the bracelet. She wanted a roped detailing around the center stone to give it additional strength. I suggested adding two half-round wires to the outside of the wider center and the addition of fabricated endcaps. She also asked me to add a clasp and chain for extra security. All the stones were cut and polished by hand and the bracelet was hand-fabricated. 

I hope it will bring her joy for years to come and be a wonderful reminder of the love her family shares!

Custom Picture Locket

A Beautiful Family Heirloom! 

This custom locket was hand-fabricated from silver sheet and wire.  Everything had to be done slowly and intentionally so all the pieces would fit together properly.

 I enjoy getting lost in the process of sawing, filing, soldering, test fitting, and filing some more. 

It is a true labor of love!  

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